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Kewhira String Quartet performs live at RCEMPA

Jun 23, 2024Jun 23, 2024

Morung Express NewsKohima | August 27

Kewhira String Quartet comprising of Zhavi Mathew Whuorie on Violin, Thejasevor Kerhüo on Violin, Vikesonuo Pfükha Thono on Viola, and Vilhoubeizo Kire on Cello on Sunday evening mesmerised a packed audience who came to witness their performance at RCEMPA, Jotsoma.

Addressing the live performance as special guest, Director of Music Academy, Kohima, Khyochano TCK said that, "we are all part of the community that fosters the building of a culture of art and music community in our state."

Stating that it takes a long time to refine skills to have come to this point where they are performing, she highlighted that there are different components that come together to make such an event possible. She thanked the audience for supporting the Quartet by buying the tickets and coming to witness the show. She also exuded hope that they can continue to grow together and support one another in such endeavours.

Further stating that she has personally seen the members develop their skills and character over the years, she stated appreciation for the sacrifices they have made to have come this far.

Mention may be made here that the concept of the quartet was born during the pandemic and came into being in the year 2021. All the members of the Kewhira String Quartet studied in Margaret Shishak School of Music (MSSM) and it was also here where the team members developed the passion of creating music together.

With the primary goal to inspire string ensemble music and nurture young talents in this field by helping develop skills and push limits to excellence, the Kewhira String Quartet dreams of performing across the nation and beyond.

The Live performance of the Kewhira String Quartet Concert also featured three artists namely Imsongdi Imsong, Noune Kuotsu and Peteruoko Kuotsu.

The Group also played a piece as a tribute to Margaret Shishak who transformed the lives of several musicians in the state of Nagaland. It may be noted that the concert was managed by Meneno Mesen.

Among those who attended the event also included Advisor for Task Force for Music and Arts (TAFMA), Theja Meru & Project Director, TAFMA, Dr. Hovithal Sothu.

Morung Express NewsKohima | August 27